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We offer top-quality websites at highly competitive rates


Professional and strategic website design that will transform your web traffic into customers for your business


Data-driven search engine optimization will ensure that a high volume of new clients will discover your business online every day


Sleek mobile optimization of your website will allow your business to thrive with the mobile device demographic


Cross-browser support, copywriting services, and prompt site maintenance will grant ease of access to all aspects of your site


Highly collaborative approach will guarantee that you are involved in every step of the creation and maintenance processes


Cost-effective model allows your business to gain a strong presence on the web without sacrificing other important financial obligations

We've heard all the complaints; your web-developer can't keep up with site maintenance, your website runs terribly on a mobile phone, the high cost of creating a new site outweighs its benefit, potential customers can't find your website, or worse, they're so turned off by its dull and unprofessional appearance that they never become customers.

That's where we come in

Our designs are based on our collaborative approach between our team and your business, which is achieved by asking questions instead of assuming answers. We carefully consider every element of the design process - NOT simply color schemes and font types, but the image your site projects to your future customers.


Our team, located in Penticton, BC, understands that in order for your business to remain competitive, it needs a custom website that provides customers with that professional image and reputation that your business has worked hard to encapsulate.

Enchanda understands Penticton's ever-growing market and utilizes a data-driven approach to search engine optimization to guarantee that your business website is visible to customers.

Find out how we can make your digital presence a reality with your free consultation over the phone or the internet today

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